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See your therapist from the comfort and convenience of your home!

TeleHealth refers to the practice of caring for clients remotely when the therapist and the client are not physically present with each other. It involves a therapy session conducted via the internet using video-conference as opposed to face-to-face encounters. The client is provided with a link to our HIPAA compliant platform that they can access from any computer, tablet or smart phone. 


There are many benefits of virtual therapy. In addition to being convenient, it eases stigma surrounding mental health, it is easy to access, there is expanded reach beyond local area to serve clients who may live farther away or unable to come into the office for their appointment due to a disability or other concerns, and it reduces barriers that contribute to missing appointments (i.e., challenges with childcare, commute time, transportation issues, illnesses, and inclement weather).


As a TeleHealth client, you are expected to find a private space where you will not be interrupted and where others cannot see or hear the session. To ensure quality care and maximum benefit from online therapy, it is also important that you limit distractions around you and that you dress appropriately as if you were coming into the office.


Research shows that, in many cases, TeleHealth can be as effective as face-to-face sessions and while there are plenty of benefits when it comes to online therapy, there are also some limitations that are important to understand. These include: some insurance providers may not cover this type of service (it varies by plan and it is important that you call your provider and ask), your therapist must be licensed in the state where you are at the time of your appointment, and there may be technological problems that interfere with your session.


TeleHealth may not be appropriate for everyone and we will be able to determine whether you are clinically appropriate for this type of service during your assessment appointment.

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